Lippke 4000

The Lippke® Model 4000 package test system is a stand alone, bench top instrument designed to perform virtually all currently accepted test methods used to measure the seal strength, leak detection and package integrity of flexible, rigid, porous, laminate and foil type consumer and medical packaging. It comes equipped with an extensive array of standard features, available accessories and services, and meets applicable ISO & ASTM Standards.

Burst Test
Measures the bond strength of package seals and material strength by measuring the peak pressure at which the package seals separate or the package material shears. With its high flow feature the Lippke® 4000 can easily test porous as well as non-porous packages.

Decay Test
Measures the hermeticity of package seals by maintaining a constant pressure, usually @ 50% of burst pressure, for a specific period of time to determine whether the package seal or material has a leak.

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