Cutting edge technologies have been developed by Dansensor for MAP to ensure that the gas mixture is the correct one, and to test that once sealed, the packages contain the right mixture and do not leak.

MAP Audit

Are your MAP processes operating in an efficient and cost effective way?

Our MAP Audit service is designed to help evaluate your MAP system to make sure it is operating at full capacity and delivering maximum value.

Here are some of the areas that we focus on.

Waste Reduction
Savings on packaging materials
Gas Savings
Reduction in gas wastage
Quality Assurance (QA)
The essential element in MAP systems

On-line Solutions

Continuous or regular systematic on-line testing of each product package gives 100% assurance that the MAP gas blend is at its optimum level. Installed onto a flow-wrapping or thermo-forming machine, a single test unit checks each package to measure its on-line gas composition and evaluate it against the targeted oxygen level. There are no better management tools available than the Dansensor range of on-line QA/QC equipment.


MAP Check 3


Case Studies

Dansensor excels in quality control solutions to the food industry. Here are 4 case studies that prove that the investment in Dansensor QC/QA MAP equipment results in significant savings and your 100% QA to your customer.

Meat Producer

Top European meat producer chose Dansensor on-line gas analysers.

Case Study 1

Snack Producer

Leading snack maker boosts efficiency with MAP Check 3.

Case Study 2

Processed Foods

MAP gas mixer and analyser save money for food processor.

Case Study 3

Specialty Bakery

German Specialty Bakery scores with MAP Check 3.

Case Study 4